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Le Tour Fever

07 July 2014

Wow! After all the build up and anticipation of the Yorkshire stages of the Grand Départ the actual event didn’t fail to deliver. The festival atmosphere, helped largely by the turnout and sheer enthusiasm of the Yorkshire public, was amazing.

I took the family along to watch the start of the race in Leeds. We were fortunate enough to grab a great view at the bottom of the Headrow. Looking back up the hill it was surreal to see a sea of heads constantly streaming down.

Two hours waiting for the race start passed quickly in the celebratory atmosphere. After the sponsors parade, every tour car, event organiser and policeman was cheered as though they were part of a victory parade. The race itself flew past in around 20 seconds! Was it worth it. Definitely.

Like so many others I caught up with Le Tour on the TV over the weekend. Again it was genuinely thrilling to see the race pass through towns and areas I know so well. The stunning Yorkshire scenery and its enthusiastic people gave Le Tour a truly unique experience. On this showing expect to see the race back in our small corner of the world very soon.

Tour de France Grand DépartTour de France Grand Départ
Tour de France Grand Départ